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Assessment and Mutation

Name of the Head of the Department with Designation: Smt. Mili Sinha (Assessment-in-charge)
Contact No: 0353 2433277 (extention: 241)

Details of the work/function of the department:

Srl No Details of Work Period of Completion Contact Officer
1 Mutation (in heritance/sale/gift/ partition/probably of will case/ change of name in case of vest & railway land etc. 15 days after submission of Application with all requisite papers. Krishna Saha
2 Correction of Mutation   (if any) 15 days after submission of application. Krishna Saha
3 Assessment(Issue of new holding number)
1.Vacant Land
2. Land with building
3. Property on Railway land/Vest land.
25 Days. Krishna Saha

Required Documents:

  • Mutation: Deed, Chain Deed, Tax Receipt upto date (previous owner).
  • Correction: Related supporting documents.
  •  Assessment (issue of new holding): 
    i) Land with building: Prescribed form, Deed (xerox), Chain deed (xerox) copy of building plan if any
    ii) Omitted Holdings: Prescribed form, previous tax receipt.
    iii) Vacant Land: Prescribed form, Deed (xerox), chain deed (xerox), site sketch with key plan.

Existing fees and Charges: 

  • Mutation: 1% of Deed value.

  • New holding or vacant land: Nil