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Borough V

  • Office of the Borough Committee No V
  • Name of the Borough Officer with Contact No. : Mr. Juyel Sarkar, Phone : 0353-3562640
  • Wards under this Borough : 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44
Name of the Section Their Activities Required Documents to be filled up by outsider/public Concerned Person (head) and his/her contact number.
P.W.D. Estimate of P.W.D. works to look after the work of P.W.D. & Borough Fund Inquiry of Public Complain regarding illegal construction & other works entrusted by a central office  submission of complain

Alok Kr. Sarkar.


Arun Biswas


Ajay Mahato


Cash Cash handling and payment, deposit money to the bank and other misc work like cesspool fees and debris charges receiving A pensioner receiving pension & other allotment received by the public Arnab Sinha
Conservancy Conservancy work of entire borough committee No. V S.W.M works of all wards High Drain and Road cleaning Sweeping, dead body lifting of domestic animal, Supervision of cesspool works, Trade license inquiry, Supervision of conservancy  vehicle Submission of deferent complain cesspool inquiry

Indranil Bhadra


Electric Fitting, Fixing, and maintenance of street light within Borough committee No. V Complain of street light

Dilip Kr. Paul 

Borough Officer
Borough Committee No- 5
Siliguri Municipal Corporation