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Borough IV

  • Office of the Borough Committee No IV
  • Name of the Borough Officer with Contact No : Debojit Paul            Mobile : 90468-94839
  • Wards under this Borough : 25, 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 3 & 35.
Name of the Section Their Activities Required Documents to be filled up by outsider/public Concerned Person (head) and his/her contact number.
BOROUGH OFFICER Managing office & dealing with related problems/public complains  any complain an application to Borough Officer.

Debojit Paul 


CASH SECTION 1) Payment (a) Old age, Handicapped, Widows, House repairing, and Others  any complain an application to Borough Officer. Sri.Sanjay Ganguly
Mobile : 9733209242
GENERAL SECTION Property & Water Tax collection & Ledger posting, Property & Water Tax adjustment, Letter received & issued, Plan received & issued, Mutation Statement entry, Docket No. & despatch, Assessment list entry, SC/ST/OBC application form distribution, Illegal const. notice issued, Correction  any complain an application to Borough Officer. Tapash Mandol
P.W.D. SECTION 1) Prepare Estimate 2) Work Supervision 3) Building Plan inquiry Building plans AMRITA DAS
Mobile :9434151868
Sri.Angshuman Dutta
CONSERVANCY SECTION 1) Cesspool (Sanitation)    2) Sanitation & Environment 3) Solid Waste Management Xerox Copy of Property Tax Receipt (Current Year)

Sourav Saha


STREET LIGHT SECTION Light repairing & Complain received  any complain an application to Borough Officer. Subrata Das

Borough Officer
Borough Committee No- 4
Siliguri Municipal Corporation