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Borough- II

  • Office of the Borough Committee No II
  • Name of the Borough Officer with contact no.- Mr. Badal Kumar Ray, Mobile : +919932362206
  • Wards under this Borough : 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15
Name of the Section Their Activities Required Documents to be filled up by outsider/public Concerned Person (head) and his/her contact number.
Conservancy Section To keep the city clean. To extend cesspool service To have service of cesspool car, up to date P. Tax receipt is required Sri Rajat Dey Choudhury
Mobile : +9194343-27624

Sri Pujan Chhetri
PWD Section To take up development work of road, drain, etc   Sri Rajshree Sarkar
Mobile : +919832011308

Sri Arun Biswas
Mobile : +918436412348
Building Section To sanction site & building plan Have to engage one LBS who will assist to submit the plan with necessary papers Sri Supriyo Banerjee
Mobile : +919434143547
Light Section To maintain street lights Have to mention Ward No. and Poll No. where service is required Sri Dhruba Basak
Mobile : +9198324-95311

Sri Prabri Bose
Cash Section To maintain cash of the Borough Office payment of different types of pension To collect any type of pension, the identification by the respective councillor is necessary Smt.Susmita Roy(Bose)
Mobile : +919531564811
Property Tax Collection of Property Tax Paper/document related to holding number/P. Tax receipt with Ward No. is required  
Water Supply Section Collection of Water Service Charge Paper/document related to water connection with Ward No.  is required   

Borough Officer
Borough Committee No- 2
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